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New Telehealth Psychiatric Practice

Updated: May 7, 2022

Raleigh Durham and surrounding areas soon to have a new Psychiatric/Medication Management Clinic

Raleigh Wellness and Behavioral Health

Mental health is a journey for us all. This journey is sprinkled with ups and downs and looks different for everyone. We established Raleigh Wellness Behavioral Health to provide a platform that supports the mental health of both our providers and our community. We want to lead by example for our patients and foster a caring work environment that model healthy work-life balance which we believe will result in better patient outcomes.

The pandemic has been a challenge for us all; however, it is undeniable that it has forced our healthcare system to evolve into new spaces to support new and innovative ways of providing care. Mental health is one of the most intimate and vulnerable specialties requiring an immense level of privacy. Telemedicine has been a phenomenal method to support this privacy and also improve access to care. We never want patients to be hindered from getting appropriate and consistent mental health care because of inability to take off work, transportation or busy schedules. Life is hard enough and we want to be able to eliminate as many barriers as possible to receiving care.

We want to provide a space for people to freely express their concerns without judgement and receive compassionate and comprehensive care. We want to support you on your mental health journey. We want to be on your team. We strongly encourage and support patient autonomy and desire to work collaboratively with our patients in order to improve people outcomes. There is no one size fits all recipe and we believe in working together to determine the need and tailoring a unique treatment plan for each patient. We understand that representation matters, diversity matters and there are many holes in our current society where people are overlooked and dismissed whether that because of race, age,

gender or sexuality. We want to see you and we want you to feel seen. We want to meet you where you are and show you that your experience is important. So welcome to Raleigh Wellness Behavioral Health and we can’t wait to meet you!

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