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How To Find The Best Psychiatrist In Raleigh/Durham NC For You

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

It can be difficult to find the best psychiatry provider to manage your Raleigh, NC medications, much less find the right provider.

One of the harder parts of finding the right psychiatry and medication provider is your location and availability.

That’s why we provide psychiatric services and appointments via telehealth (aka telepsychiatry) - so you can remove the barriers to getting the medicine you need.

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Why Finding a Good Psychiatry Provider in Raleigh

Can Be Hard

1. There are quite a few mental health care providers in Raleigh and the larger Triangle area. Especially with the universities in the area, it is a bit saturated with different mental health degrees, and knowing what type of provider you need can make the search tiresome.

2. Keeping up to date with the most current methods and drugs is very time-consuming, which is why not all psychiatrists are up to date on the most recent advances. Unfortunately, some psychiatric providers (e.g. pharmacists, psychiatrists) can be cold and lack interpersonal skills or have a fixed way of treatment. This leads to patients feeling unheard and unsupported, and can lead to patients not receiving optimal care. That’s why we stay up to date on advances in medication, so we can develop an optimal and tailored treatment plan for all patients.

3. Psychiatrists and psychiatry providers in Raleigh/Durham can be prohibitively expensive if they don’t take insurance. Cost of care and prescriptions can be one of the most difficult barriers to finding a good psychiatrist and psychiatric care in Raleigh, and those who only take insurance can be full or have poor availability. Further, those who don’t take insurance can often charge very high rates.

Ideally you’ll be able to find a psychiatric practice that either takes your insurance or charges reasonable rates for out of network self-pay. That’s what we at Raleigh Wellness & Behavioral Health do, so we can make ourselves available to as many patients as possible.

How to Find the Best Psychiatry Provider in Raleigh/Durham for You

1. Pick a location where you can easily reach the psychiatric provider. Being geographically close by is great, but having a provider that offers telepsychiatry is even better as it provides you healthcare without the barriers of distance and time. Monthly visits to your healthcare provider are a common form of medication management, so you’ll want it to be easy to make it to appointments. If you have a need to change or refill your prescriptions, make sure you can easily communicate with your provider outside of a session.

2. A psychiatry provider should be able to offer diagnosis, prescription, medication management, and fully talk through therapy and your symptoms. A psychiatrist should be able to listen and understand not only how your medication is affecting your body, but also the impact of other aspects of your daily life on your condition.

3. Try to find a provider who you can have good rapport with. The relationship between a patient and psychiatric provider is a collaborative one, where each party brings their experiences and knowledge with the purpose of eliminating the effects of mental health disorders while promoting recovery and improving quality of life.

4. Check to see if video sessions may be available. It is crucial to be able to fit in medication management sessions around other things in your life like family obligations, important meetings, and appointments. To address that, you should ensure that you are working with a provider who can use modern technology to offer remote video sessions. To protect your privacy, make sure that the technology they use is HIPAA compliant. Raleigh Behavioral Health & Wellness uses the GoBreeze app for setting up appointments, secure video appointments, and easy billing and paperwork. It not only meets the strictest standards in security and confidentiality, but makes for an easy patient experience.

Psychiatry Providers In Raleigh, Durham, and Throughout North Carolina

Whether you need diagnosis, prescription, medication management, or all three, we're here to help. For those in Raleigh and beyond, set up an appointment today.

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